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I work with this guy and he's so hot and we have a lot in common, but he normally goes for the typical good looking girls. we chat and flirt a lot at work but I can't tell if he likes me too? I don't know if I'd want anything with him because I'm not his type and he's way out of my league. what do I do???

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  • Does he ever contact you outside of work? With whatever he`s telling you when you`re chatting/flirting, does he ever follow up with actions? A guy that likes you and wants you will act in consequence. He will show you that he likes you. If he only talks with you and only at work, chances are he`s not that into you. He might like your little game, but he`s not interested in something more. Listen to this from a woman that`s been in your position just a few weeks ago. Almost exactly the same: hot co-worker, lots of flirting, lots of chatting, I`m natural pretty and casually dressed but he usually goes for heavy make-up-dresses-high heels type of women. It didn`t go nowhere.

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