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To those people who shame cheating; How would you feel if you loved the person too much? What if your significant other lobed you too, but they were so busy with their own lives to consider that you have needs too? And you would never fucking know if they were being satisfied themselves? Do you really think you can stay abstinant when you love them too much to stop them from doing what they love even if that means they can't be with you because all you want is for them to be fucking happy?

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  • seriously like what the fuck. part of love is trust and communication. talking to your partner. sharing needs and desires. having your partner meet those needs and desires. nothing about love is what you described it. that is some seriously mental instability and fucked up way of thinking. that isn't love.

  • Cheating should be shamed, there's no excuse for it, idiot. Just end the relationship -___-

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