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When I was on a drama club, there was a girl I liked, she was hot, she told me she wanted me (hard to believe), the problem was that she had a boyfriend, but I didn't care, so I fucked with her, some days later I knew all the truth about her... In that time (or maybe still) she had her boyfriend to fuck with, but she fucked with me, her boyfriend, a gym friend and two guys of the drama club, what a whore!! (I bet the most of you want to meet her). I comnited the mistake of fall un love with her, that whore broked my heart, and stayed with that guy from the gym saying that he is the love of her life, and a year later someone told me that she was pregnant but she lost the baby, and I'm so happy for it, she had what she deserved. Am I right? What do you think?

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  • you probably are a whore too if you could have sex girl with many hot girls you will totally do cynical bastard. girls can enjoy their sexuality as much as they like just like men.

  • That's horrible to be glad a woman lost her child/pregnancy. It's ok to be angry that she hurt you, but to be so viciously smug that an unborn child died is just evil. Despite how bad of a person she may or may not have been, you never know who that child may have grown up to be. Maybe they would have cured cancer, or brought world peace. Also, whores by definition get paid, so unless you paid her to fuck you, she's not a whore just a cheater. You knew she had a boyfriend and you fucked her anyway, what on earth made you think she would stay with you?

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