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I can't begin to even fathom how some people can tell others to get over something in their lives. As if they don't have a right to feel what they feel. Everything we do as human beings will leave you feeling some way or another. We are meant to feel. Everyone has a right to feel pain and agony, to feel utter bliss. What is happening in anothers life is happening, and that's what their mind is on, so why don't we let them?

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  • When I say to someone "get over it" it doesn`t mean I disrespect their feelings or their right to feel feelings. It just means that I don`t want them sulking over something forever. And we both know some people love to play-victim and make you feel sorry for them. If you break up with your bf, for example, I`ll be supportive a few weeks. But if months go by and you still cry over the ex, you have a problem and need to wake up to the fucking reality that say nothing lasts forever. Not the good parts and not the bad parts. Plus, no one likes a whiney person. Bottom line, if I tell you to get over it it means you have crossed the line where feeling stuff was healthy and productive and went to that dark part of yourself where the ego turns you into a victim only to get attention from others.

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