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Has anyone else seen That video going round today of the police officers arresting a woman using force in the UK? Am I the only one that thinks everything they did in the video was totally justified? Feel free to tell me I'm wrong, I'd love to have a civilised debate about this.

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  • I don`t agree with police abusing their status and consequently using violence, but some people fucking deserve it. Just recently I saw a video taken in my country, where a woman parked her expensive SUV on the grass and when cops came to ID her, she threw a tantrum saying things like "You don`t tell me what to do. Do you know who I am?". She refused to show her ID, she refused to comply with police orders and she almost ran over one of the cops when they tried to prevent her from leaving the scene before writing her the ticket. In this case, I would have smacked the shit out of that woman. Some time in a cold cell might teach her a thing or two about common-sense and consequences of her actions. But people are irresponsible as fuck. If those cops would have used violence against her, I bet the media would have exploded. But people can walk all over the police, especially when they`re the wrong-doers, because hey... don`t you know who they are?

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