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Why do I get depressed for no reason? I mean, my life is not the best, but its not bad either... why does this happens

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  • I think about that a lot because I have anger issues and it kind of falls hand in hand with depression. So what I think and do to try and help myself is remember it's my body's way of saying your over loaded. You need to relax. When I find myself getting angry or sad I just get so lost in why it happened and why that person was thinking what they were. I totally lose control. Until I think we'll okay is this me or them. Am I over thinking it? Yep I usually am. So in an end to my banter. You need to lay down close your eyes, remember what you have, what you don't have, what you dream, and what you fear. If you find yourself lost in that take a breath and let it go, because the people you have around you love you, the earth we live on have you a live to use and enjoy. But one of the hardest things I find is to keep myself busy so I don't think about it. But don't shut it out that's making it worse, put it away for later and do it again. Sooner or later is will just be breathing again

  • Hormones in our bodies naturally fluctuate throughout the month regardless of our sex. Also, not eating a balances diet can also lead to depression if lacking certain b vitamins or certain amino acids e.g. PVT MT HILL. Your body is a bag of chemical reactions, give it the right ones :-) Also, plenty of exercise can release endorphins and help with stress. No worries, same thing happens to me if I am not paying attention. When I get into these funks, I play a CD that starts low then slowly ends high. It helps me get out of that hump.

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