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The biggest secret in my life is that I'm a bisexual. No one knows about it. But I don't care, I accept it, this is my self but I'm still not ready to let others know about it, even my parents. But there is this one girl in my new class. I have a nice first impression about her. She got me in that one place. She shoot me. And I don't know why or how to say but.....she likes flirting with me. She is normal, she have a boyfriend. And her boyfriend is my hiking friend, my bro. And she barely know nothing about me. It's been a month since I met her and she flirts almost everyday. Maybe if i'm normal then I'm okay with that, but I'm not so I can't handle it. I just smile or laugh whenever she does that although I feel extremely extraordinary nervous. So it gets me on the nerve. How can I handle her? I need loads of suggestions!

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  • If she's taken, she's taken...unless your hiking buddy is someone you think you can be in a 3way with. If so or if not, your hiking buddy might be someone to tell first. First gauge his freaking on our Q community. If he admits to being an ally, neutral, or a fellow member vis-a-vie pansexual, polyamorous, etc, then express how you categorize yourself. If he is a detractor or opponent to the Q community, you might want a new hiking buddy. Don't bluntly say, I have feelings for your girlfriend. Ease into it if you feel it goes with the conversation. Also, when I went to undergrad, everyone was so nice, I thought a lot of guys were flirting with me, but they were being nice. So, you might want to check if your crush is just being super friendly or is purposely flirting with you. Again, if she's taken, she's taken. I hope you have a great day.

  • Just a guess, maybe she likes you. If she doesn't know you well she's probably trying to get to know you better everyday. Give her a simple comment about something about her and start a conversation.

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