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Why is it that MALE wild animals are the only gender to rape?

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  • lol if you're gonna bring nature into this then I pose the question why are the worst of women (since rape is obviously one of the worst traits in men) always sp jealous of their peers that do better than them and always seeking to take what's theirs for themselves. and now just like the author has done I will bring an example from the animal world which clearly validates my point and leaves no room for any revision  Before mating, the new queen will need to kill off all of her sister siblings, ensuring she will remain the unchallenged monarch of the hive. Once that messy business is taken care of, the virgin queen will take a mating flight with about a dozen males. anonymous author, you know your logic is flawed. the female black spider rapes it's male counterpart. it all comes down to physical prowess. in most species the males are physically more powerful and secondly there is very rarely such thing as rape in the animal world. an example is the fact that a female which has painfully struck by a male insects horn like structure during copulation often gains necessary nutrients as well as an opportunity to avoid dehydration. also hermaphrodite species have to battle each other to decide who will become the mother. so your post in the end does come off more as a reflection of your personal beliefs rather than solid science. and with male in caps lock, you seem like you are some sort of radical feminist. fix yourself up mate

  • Dont female Hyenas rape? Also female insects are the only ones to eat their mate.

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