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How can you tell you're hallucinating? because recently something incredibly weird happened to me and I doubt that it was real but I've never done drugs had alcohol or had any psychological problems that would explain it. This is also the only time something like that happened and I didn't have any other issues afterwards.

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  • Hallucinations can be caused by many things. Besides drugs, dehydration is one of the most occurring causes. Did you drink enough water that day? Did you eat enough? Severe tiredness is another cause. Were you struggling to stay awake? On the other side of severe tiredness we've got caffeine. 6 or more cups of coffee or only a few of those energy drinks can cause hallucinations. Did you have too many of those? Was it a hot day and were you out in the sun a lot? It could've been a sign of a heatstroke. These are just a few common causes. Some others that would have to be checked are the environment - lots of sulfur in the environment could cause random hallucinations, and medical things (such as your oxygen levels and number of red bloodcells in your blood). These are a number of causes, do not try to reproduce them. If it happens again or if you develop other worrisome signs, please visit a doctor immediately and mention this incident to him/her, even if it happens months later. It could be important!

  • what happened?

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