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I feel like my friend is using me. I was very honest to help her at first ( i only agree to guide her and accompany her)but then she have been continuing asking me to do for her. From what I've known, what i'm doing for her now is already too much. She's been doing the same part and took such long time to finish. Even though I told her I have works to do, she'll be like "okay can you help do my work first so that you do yours later, I know you are very good doing it". Fuck! I did hardest parts and its not even my job. when I was in trouble no one come and help me. no one even ask if im okay. I hate this. I can't run from her. She harrass (calls) me and knows my place. She'll come pick me up anytime. I don't want to ruin this friendship but I did everything, I must be stupid. ugh what do I do to step away without making it too obvious?

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  • same situation. it is called USER friendly ahah

  • Hey it's not a friendship...She just uses you, where were she when you needed someone? That is not friendship... If it's neccessary block her, maybe she will learn what's up, if you are lucky she will hate you, though I hope she won't develop into a crazy pscycho bitch, if she isn't already that. Best wishes, though.

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