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I am involved with a man who makes me feel alone and worthless, because the times that are good are my only sources of happiness.

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  • Hey... If you are not married to him, get out asap!! There are still gentlemen out there. I open the door for my wife and any other woman, I pay for someone if they are elderly or I can see they are in need of money, I buy roses and her favorite daisy flower. If a man cant treat you right now, dont bother. I would rather not have a wife, than having a gold dinging worthless woman that cant even wash a dish. But I will be a gentleman, I will stand up for what is right, even if i fall, because my wife is mine, she said yes to me and I love her. Dont stay if its not the best, if you settle for second best, you will get second best results, and will always be second best relationship :) sorry for the inconvenience

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