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My ex and I are on friendly terms, we broke up recently. I care about him deeply and I try to help him even though I know that's not my job but in return he ignores me and treats me like shit. And when he wants attention (affection) he'll come and be sweet to me. Just like when we were together before. I seriously just want to move on and not feel anything towards him anymore. I want to fall in love with someone else that's a way better person than he is. I'm tired of this hot and cold crap.

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  • Delete his number..dont answer the door..ignore him!! Tell him u are seeing someone else and its over..focus on u..and go out with ur friends and go out with the cute guy u saw at the bar..he knows u will always be there when he needs you so wake him up..newsflash u have a life..the only way to find someone else is to go out there and stop all communication with him

  • It's not so easy when he walks into my house like he owns it. He even walks in unannounced and tells me to get ready because he wants to go out.

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