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I had a friend, we used to go out together everywere, but one day in a party he presented me a girl from his school (was a double date) and instantly liked her, had a great time that night, I started to date her and started to love her. I confessed that to my friend and beged him to keep it in secret, but a week later I knew that that bastard told the girl I love her, but that wasn't enough, he flirtted with her and now they are a couple, and when I comfronted him the asshole said "Dude, you will never deserve her". What do you think? Is that something that a friend would do?

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  • The two deserve eachother..do be nice to him but dont trust him..there are other girls and i know its hard to believe and get over her.focus on the negative aspects she has and start dating other girls.boys do become jerks when they feel the need to defend themselves so i get where he is coming from but dont forget to keep your distance from him...however maybe he liked her from the beginning? Try talking to him alone

  • he broke the bro code

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