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my bedroom is the bonus room in my house so I dont have a technical door. If you stand at the bottom of the stairs you can hear everything I say... or do. A few minutes ago I was masturbating for the first l time in like a week and I started moaning pretty loud and all of a sudden, I hear my dad walk by the stairs and head to the garage. I was immediately mortified!! My dad just closed the door to the hallway. I know he heard me omg i just want to crawl under a rock.

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  • Me and my high-school sweetheart went to his place one day, after classes. We didn`t expect his parents from work until hours later. We proceeded to have loud sex, as two people who think they`re home alone would. After we`re done, my bf goes in the other bedroom to take some pillows and finds his father that was, apparently, sleeping. Till this day, I didn`t know if he was actually asleep and heard nothing or heard everything and pretended to be asleep.

  • lol, it was much more weirder to him than you :D every teen or just regular people tend to masturbate... not a biggie :)

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