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A few weeks ago I met a girl through friends. No biggie, just a girl, really cool. She made me the most thoughtful gift Ive received lately, but I sincerely believed it was from one friend to another. Everyone told me she was into me, but I disregarded this cause I have a GF and well didn't think anyone could be into me. Tonight I found out that she is in fact into me, and I feel for one, good, cause it flatters me but on the other hand i feel bad for her cause I'd never think on leaving my GF, I really love her

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  • I agree, talk it out with her and kindly tell her u rnt interested. Don't forget to tell ur gf too! So she can have the feeling to be a part of ur life and the risk of her being jealous, when she finds it out later, will be reduced

  • Edi wow

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