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Recently I have been feeling rely sad because I think I want to be a boy, I'm not sure if I even know who I am any more, I have only told one person one of my friends when we were telling secrets they didn't get it and we don't talk about it. I just need someone to talk to and some advise.

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  • Thanks for the comments, I have always been quite tomboyish, I have even started calling myself Alex , some times I feel like I'm in the wrong body and get depressed. I scared if I become a boy I will miss being a girl. I wish gender didn't matter! People say I can't do certain things or be certain things because I'm a girl. I dress in boyish cloths and have cut my hair short twice, and people have called me a lesbian and there is nothing wrong with being a lesbian but I just want people to stop labelling me and I just want to be me for me. I am also joining a new school and I'm just rely worried about this. I still live with my mum and I haven't told her or anyone else apart from my friend and she didn't get it and we don't talk about it

  • transcend from female to male physically? It's more common these days that's a guarantee, and with the right people, you should be accepted as anyone you want to be :)

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