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Am I the only one who thinks suicide is selfish?

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  • If you'd think of how much self hatred is needed to commit suïcide... These people are mentally ill...Often they think the world is better of with them dead. If you happen to be healthy enough to consider your friends and family, you should feel.blessed. On top of that, Not everyone has loving family or friends. I was suicidal, I honestly believed the world would be better without me. Just one more time im trouble for someone and then its all over, then i am no burden anymore. Depressions dont have to make someone suicidal, its a combination of things... I am thank full for the girl who a knowledged me that day, she made me rethink thinhs by just talking to me

  • I think it is selfish and cowardly. One you do it, you're gone. But your family loses you. They have to clean up your dead corpse with all your fluids leaking out of you (gross, but true). They have to pay thousands of dollars for a funeral. It's cowardly to know all of that and then still think that running away from your problems instead of facing them is a good alternative. Not wanting to be remembered as a selfish coward is what keeps me from killing myself. I'm severely depressed, but it's not impossible to deal with.

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