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im a bisexual female and half of my family is very homophobic. my grandma and aunts and cousins on one side of my family are always talking about how "California is on fire because all of the homosexuals"... they do not know about my sexuality and are always making fun of it. I need advice from anybody on how to handle being around them... I don't know how much longer I can take it. I have a girlfriend who I can't have a normal relationship, with pictures together, or holding hands... advice please

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  • my parents are really homophobic really my dad especially but after I told him im bi and thta im in love with a friend of mine he was really supportive actually and he wanted me to talk to her and u know have a relationship what im trying to tell you is that they are ypur family they will understand cause they love you...if they dont they dont deserve you

  • So, you're bitching your life sucks because you're a coward? Stand up for yourself you ducking doormat. Who gives a shit if grandma don't like it

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