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I just want my boyfriend to know I miss him and stop bring such a workaholic, god I miss him I just want a little attention just talk to me for a while that's it. 😢😢 sometimes I wish he wasn't a scientists

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  • same as my boyfie. he even didn't have tine to call me. and sadly we are LDR :(

  • Usually, you can`t have your cake and eat it, too. Some jobs are more difficult and stressful than others. If he works a lot and you have a lot of free time, either you find yourself a hobby to occupy your time or you find yourself a new guy with more free time on his hands. It`s really stupid and selfish to be upset that your boyfriend works too much because you work less or not at all. I dated for a little while a guy that wasn`t employed, while I was. And I had a difficult job so I had days when I came home at 7-8 in the evening. He would get bored doing nothing all day and when I got home he always wanted to go out. He never understood that I might be tired after a long day of work and totally not in the mood for going out. He was selfish because he only saw the situation from his own perspective and never tried to "walk in my shoes". I dumped he shortly after.

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