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Everyone talks shit about me getting pregnant at 17 I'm graduating early I have a job , I bought myself my own car. My boyfriend works two job makes good money. For the last three months we been buying diapers , clothes ect for our baby and paying his sick moms rent . My mom did drugs and left me abandoned and never came back luckily I have two amazing. Adoptive parents who would love to help out with the baby financially but there's no way I'll let them help..... I got pregnant it's my responsibly I don't want to put that burden on them I am fully prepared to be a great mom to my child I

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  • Thanks 👍🏻 I feel sorry for you hating on me for what exactly ? Because I'm taking responsibility and trying to do everything I can to go to college get a nicer job and b able to give my child everything it needs? Yeah I'm the horrible person

  • I flagged it ?

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