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My girlfriend bullies me. She starts fights or calls me names whenever im vulnorable. Shes never there for me and i really hate her for doing this to me in the time i need her the most (my mom is fighting cancer). I just dont leave her because she is the only person around me and i dont want to be alone. I feel terrible

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  • Keeping her around just because you dont want to be alone is really not the best idea. Maybe if you ask for a break you can both rest your minds and think about what you reAlly want. Talk to more people around you, maybe you will find out that some people are going through the same thing as you are. Best wishes for your mother

  • or she is just a bullie or she's unsecure and therefore pushes your buttons to see if you love her regardless. either way, you got to say something 'cause this sucks. or write a letter. best wishes for you and your mom.

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