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Who is JFK? I'm scared to google because of that illuminati stuff. I generally don't know who he was. Sorry

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  • John F Kennedy he was killed by the CIA because he wanted to stop the war between U.S.A and the Soviet Union. The illuminati doesnt have anything to do with it, you can look it up but its all bullshit covered up. Its a long story but basically he didnt listen to the "plan" to make people hate russia and came up with his own to stop the war. Since the weopon companies connected with the government would lose money cause of this the CIA assassinated him and later his family to avoid suspicion.

  • hes John F kennedy he was a presedent and he simply didnt want to say what the government wanted he said something like why have war or something with russia or something like that so the government killed him and his family using shitty exuces like his plane crash or shit like that, for his family not him, him I think they sniped him but anyways they covered the case. look it up it wont be scary but its covered by bs. btw the illumini are satanists they follow the devil why would they be scary if u search up the illuminati they'll show u pictures of the all seeing eye and devil pictures. they'll tell u the group was destroyed many still believe they still exist but idk.

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