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this is quite long, I have a girlfriend and we are 2 years together, i met this girl from church and to tell you the truth she is 4 times better than my current girlfriend. We started chatting and hanging around for quite a time, without telling my girlfriend. This church girl and I asked a pastor about his opinion about what we are doing, it ended up for us not to hang out anymore and so on, since we have developed feelings for each other, Right now i miss her so much that i want to break up with my girlfriend for her, and im stuck in a dilemma that in the same time i don't want to leave my girlfriend because i feel sorry for her family .

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  • Wise man say if you like someone while being with someone else than choose the second person because if you really liked the first one you wouldn't have fallen for the second. Don't waste your or your GF's time and LIFE because you "feel sorry" for her family. Everyone will get over it, this church girl might be the one or at least a template for whom you real "one" will be.

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