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A few months ago, I got really drunk and pissed my two best friends with my 'drunkness'. They have completely out casted me and they were my only real friends. I act like I dont care but I am actually moving into a phase od depression.

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  • First, you have to forgive yourself and heal from the shame you probably brought to yourself by drinking so much and do drunk things. Clear your mind from it, forgive yourself. It might take time to heal back. Once it is done, the hardest thing will be to sincerely ask for their forgiveness, tell them you are sorry you behaved like that, if you really are though. Tell them that it learnt you your own borders and tell them you miss them. If they do not give a fuck, then it was just a pretext to outcast you, and they are the insensitive assholes. You will have to build new friendships out of learning from that past bad experience and avoid crossing borders of drunkness... It can be hard but I am sure you can do it. You shouldn't act like you don't care if you do, you need to rebuild what has been broken. Good luck with that and FORGIVE YOURSELF.

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