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6 years ago I met a guy on some anime site, I was 13 and he was 8 years older. We shared common interests and stuff and 3 years later we had exchanged phone numbers and tried to talk, but I was too shy, so it never really worked out. After a couple years of not talking as often, I told him I lost his number and made a sexting pun. He gave me his number again and we started texting and he is just so nice and caring and understanding and funny and would sometimes tease me to bring out my naughty thoughts. Im trying not to fall in love with him, firstly, because he is living in another country, secondly, because (unlike him) I dont know what he looks like and im afraid to ask. But he spoke of visiting me and now that im 18, I think id really love losing my virginity to him. Still, not knowing anything of his looks pisses me off so much, based on his personality, I like him so much it makes me cry.

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  • He must be ugly and fat,and probably much older than 8 yeart more than you,we live in the age of the internet where you can simly send pics or talk on webcam,if you still don't know how is him he's hiding something

  • what if hes a fat ass otaku!

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