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I was born in an unhappy marriage. my dad is a pervert, loud mouth abusive man, my mom is a hot temper and strict woman. since they divorced when i was 6, they're blaming everything they've got to each other and told me how horrible he/she is. as their child, i don't have much repect for my dad but as a hard worker. i wish that one day, i will become a good father as best as i can so my children will never step to all of that.

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  • I grew up kind of the same. I never want to be like my parents and I want a good relationship with my kids and their dad. I'm sure you'll be a great dad :)

  • When you are near and aware with the ones you love, you´ll get whatyou deserve, I guess what I mean is that you can be carrying and you will have wonderful kids aroud you... Just don´t let them go when they feel alone.

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