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I have younger, 13 yo sister, who is disabled. I never feel like having my own life. I was never able to do anything because of her. To make it better, she mentally abuses me. Every second of my life i have dedicated to her, but i am not sure if i can take it anymore..

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  • have you considered just having sex with her? like really look her in the eyes be like I've sacrificed my life for you i love you truly and sincerely why don't you understand. when she goes to say something interrupt and be like i love you in every way possible including sexually. then you either get laid or she leaves you alone.

  • You've gotta start taking care of yourself! Been through exactly the same with my older sister, I never had the chance to be a child bcs I always had to put her in first place and protect her. I know it sounds hard, but don't let her ruin your life. My sister abused me mentally and physically for 16 years, I still kinda hate her, even though I know it's not her fault bcs she's disabled. I feel you

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