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I am moving to a new school, I am really sooo stressed...I don't know how it would be I just wish that the first day won't be awkward, would any body give me an advice, please... I am really worried about everything, cuz everything is new: new system,new friends,new teachers...and I am already missing my bffs *_*``~

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  • Believe it or not., I have gone to 14 schools in my life. 😁 😁 yeah, I was anxious and shit scared every damn time. but turning back and looking at all of them now after all these years......those are the fondest memories of my childhood. always made great new friends and petty enemies too....wished I could do some things differently and some stuff never at all. but., of the Grand picture of 'life' you will one day laugh at your self for feeling like this today. take it easy and go with the flow young miss or sir.

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