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I like this guy but he's in Mexico and I love him ever since I was little I'm in LA but every time I go just wanna be with him he was my first kiss but then he didn't even call me or text me I feel like he was just using me to not be alone and he talks to this girl my cousin said he liked her I feel like he used me what should I do I might go on December please help me

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  • understanding that someone cheated or used you is the first step in realizing that you are worth more than petty people. it's just not that he used or cheated you., it's simply that you were strong and caring enough to trust him. It's his loss to loose a person that cared and trusted him. so rock on girl., this life is too short and too precious to be wasted on people who don't respect you back. You will find a guy who would adore and live you., may be you already have and you were blinded from it because if this idiot. Carry on without a worry or a care in the world and rock on girl.

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