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Okay, so last night, I found out my ex bestfriend hates me so much. She said she's willing to risk our friendship for her boyfriend. She hates me so much because she's so jelly of me and her bf when in fact I am not doing anything. She hates all the girls around him even the ones with boyfriends. I just can't believe she's gonna hate me too. Like I never even flirted with her bf or anything. I admit, her bf is a natural flirt but I never responded to him or anything, I always ignore or answer him sarcastically. She is so insecure and she has trust issues. I can't believe she even used her bf's account to chat me and say nasty things, like, "I'm horny for you."; "I don't want my girl anymore, I only want you."; "I want to make you pregnant." And I know it's her because I know her that much, even her text style. She said her bf's account is hacked but I know she's lying. I just can't believe she'd do that, and she even made her bf lie and she want him to tell me that it's really hacked, in which his bf refused and told me the truth. I don't know what to do with her anymore. I blocked her and all but I can't block her in real life coz she's my classmate. I just don't know what to do anymore. :c

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  • that girl has some problems. tell her She should get some help lol

  • Tell her that if she can't trust your friendship because of a guy your friendship with her is over

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