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I tried to tell my mom. I couldn't finish.. it was too hard. I don't think she will understand.

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  • I completely understand this feeling. i want to tell something to my parents and my boyfriend but it is Just so hard and tho my boyfriend might understand, my parents wont. I still can't tell anyone so I just keep quiet and decide to wait for a few years. I dont know your situationeel but maybe it's a good idea to tell them only when you Are ready and dont tell them if you cant do it yet. Just wait a little longer and think about it. try to think about the things what Will happen when you tell them. try to imagine the good things that Will happen when you open your mouth but also try to think about any bad things that Will happen or the things you think She Will think. if you know your Mother good enough you might know how She Will react and try to think if that's a good thing or a bad thing :)

  • what would that be?

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