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I only get turned on by words, if someone sends me pictures, I'm instantly turned off. Nudes just aren't appealing to me, and I don't like them. Is anyone else like this or am I just crazy. Oh and I'm a girl

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  • You sound like someone ik lol

  • It's quite common for girls to be aroused by descritions more than actual images. In a woman's sexuality, her own mind plays a much greater role than in a man's. That's why a good lover whispers things into your ears while he touches you, tells you how beautiful you are, how good it feels to touch you and all the little things that make a woman smile (and to an extend wet). To pleasure a woman it isn't enough to stick something into her vagina, move it in and out and repeat that for a limited amount of time. You need to make her feel loved and appreciated, make her feel beautiful and simply think beyond sticking your penis into her. I once heard someone say that a womans mind is the most important erogenous zone and I agree. It may be a little rare that you are arroused only by words, but it's not rare for words to be important for sexual excitement.

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