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I'm a Muslim but I didn't pray. So, when they asked me why I didn't pray, I carefully tried not to offend them with my opinions because normally when I told them that I wasn't ready, they tend judge me and tell me to not call myself a Muslim. It really offend me a lot. I embrace Islam I read Quran and Yassin but these people are making me sick of their opinion. Why? Just because they pray to God, doesn't mean they have the permission to judge and talk bad things about those who don't. At least, I'm not hypocrit. I know one of those who pray and wear hijab and all but drink alcohol and goes to club on every weekend. I don't do all that. I don't go around tell everyone that I pray. It should be only between me and God. It's spiritual.

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  • well at least u know wht u r doing.. just want to tell,I hate people who pray just because they want to show it off..

  • Same

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