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I think I might be bisexual. I'm a girl, and I'm 13, and I know I'm definitely attracted to boys, because I kissed a boy and I really enjoyed it. But the thing is, occasionally I get a slight feeling when I think about kissing girls. Not as strong a feeling as I get when I think about kissing boys, and sometimes I don't get the feeling at all, but every so often it's there. I'm pretty sure I'm straight, but I really don't know. And please, don't make fun of me or say I'm too young for this.

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  • hey girls are beautiful. I would say I'm very much straight but I can't deny that I find girls attractive. I don't see myself dating a woman but doesn't mean I can't fantasize about em every once in a while..

  • You could well be bi, or even pan. You can absolutely be bi but have a preference for one or the other. You might feel you're like 90% into boys and 10% into girls, that's fine, you're still bi. If you're struggling with labels though, just remember: feelings first, labels later. If you want to just identify as 'eeeh? idk?' untll you've had long enough to figure it out, however long that is, that's fine :)

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