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I want to love. I really do. I also want someone to love me (In a dating way). Alas I just don't have the emotional capacity to love, and no one could love me anyway. The way I am no one would be able to accept me. No one likes a sociopath, but I'm not sad about it. Is that weird?

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  • some people don't feel much, they don't catch a feeling as easy as others. By saying you want to love and want to be love already show that you are not a sociopath. I am in contrast with you, I can feel more than I should, sometimes is extremely very tiring, ...every personal trait has its own negative and positive side. You are LOVEABLE, don't let others make you beleive you don't, even right now my heart ache for you, so don't sell yourself short.💞🙆

  • Is pretending to be a sociopath a new trend? Seems like every other confession is by somebody who claims to be something that only affects 1:10,000,000 people. It cheapens the suffering of actual victims of such a terrible illness and you should be ashamed

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