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I love him, his heart is good. he is 23 yrs older than me and has all adult children my age. whom of don't even like me. and my two young girls have become attached and vice versa. I love him. the thing is I am not sexually attracted to this man. I have tried but it don't work. I have to make myself be sexually active with him. once we are in the mood then it's different. he gets jealous very easy. I have pretty much give we no up my self identity and really have no friends but that's okay cause I prefer to not have a bunch fake ass people around me. His grown ass kids (who are my age) are literally the most selfish individuals I have ever met. Luke I said I do love the man BUT he keeps going to jail and allowing others to ego trip him mostly his kids. and I am stuck with the all the bills most if not all the time and support two babies in my own. I don't know what to do. love and wait or love and lose and learn!?!?

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  • tell him honestly how you feel. Set a time limit, and tell him that. That, if you want to give him a chance. good luck dear.

  • Umm, clearly he has problems dealing with adult relationships his own age. Not only is he damaged, but how long till he's cheating on somebody younger than you?

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