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One day I was about to shoot myself in a suicide attempt. Gun was cleaned and loaded and was shot not half an hour before. Just as I pulled the trigger my best friend, girlfriend now, texted me saying "Hey...can you talk.." and it jammed. We still don't have an explaination why. But now after that, any time I've wanted to end my life she saved me. I don't feel alone and actually know what it's like to feel loved. I love her with everything I have.

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  • She knows. In a tear ridden conversation one day I asked if she remembered that day. She said yes and I told her. We've been inseperable ever since

  • Sounds like you got yourself an angel... does she know about this? Because holy crap... that's intense. I'm happy for you, my friend. Everyone deserves happiness, I'm glad you were able to find it before it was too late for you

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