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the mother of my child is a drunken alcoholic she wasn't like this in the beginning what the f*** am I supposed to do now don't want to split my family up don't know what to do my baby is 1 years old

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  • You need to put your child's interests on place 1, 2 and 3. The rest comes later. She needs professional help, and you should try to get her that. If she doesn't want to cooperate, you need to bring your child to safe circumstances and that is not in the same home as an alcoholic. At least temporarily until she is willing to seek professional help to get and stay sober. It's noble that you don't want to split the family up, but if the mother doesn't want to cooperate, you don't have any other choice. So let her know that you're being serious when you tell her that.

  • get her into professional help and stay by her side, be her rock! you and your baby need her and she needs you aswell. you can do it! good luck! x

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