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so I was staying at my father's house for the weekend and I don't see him much. I walk in and it's dark and quiet nobody is home. then all of a sudden I here a cry of pain. then I turn around to open the door and it won't open it won't budge it's locked. I go to find where the noise came from I see my dad fucking my sister. I run fast looking for a way out I find a window as I'm about to break it I feel a grab and he drags me to his room. I wake up tied up to a chair. he spent the next hour or so fucking my sister in front of me saying he will do the same to me. I was terrified. he then pissed in my face and then came up from behind and stuck his dick in my ass hard. as he fucks me I begin to actually like it but I really had to shit so I shit on his dick. he pulled out and made me eat it. oh and by the way I made this up :)

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  • I was reading this got worried....then saw them admit it's fake and I was laughing so damn hard xD

  • you fucking scared me what the fuck

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