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My best friend (that's a guy) has been my bro for about 4 years. We have always been super close but now he thinks we have a "thing" and I don't know how to tell him I don't feel the same? I'm becoming more distant and now (for me) it's weird talking to him because all I can think about when I see his face is how the hell do I tell him? How? I know what if feels like to love someone who will never love you back, and I just don't want to hurt his feelings or see him hurt like that. If anyone has any kind of experience on this stuff, comment below... 😞

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  • You're not doing him any favors by dragging this out. Tell him, but do it with compassion.

  • You have to tell him directly but not hurtfully. Gradually break it out to him (in one go though). That way it should be clear.

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