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I study in the other state of my country. I went back hometown very rarely and spend most of the time with my family. I don't have many friends but I still remember some of my classmates. Some have got married and kids. I used to be shy and just smile whenever people talk to me. Recently, I went to a mall and saw few people I know. To my surprise, when I smile, they looked at me and ignore. From the look of their face, I knew they recognized me. Worse, the girl who used to be my best friend, didn't say anything at all when I went say hi to her. Just gave shocked and weird look. I'm pretty sure my face didn't change that much. But why errbody so cold to me tho?

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  • do you still call her your bestfriend when that's the respond she gave when you say hi?

  • she is being a bitch just ignore her and I feel you I live in the other side of my country too and when I go home I just want to chill with my family...its totally normal

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