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So I'm engaged and getting married soon to the love of my life, he loves me too. But I'm not the love of his life. It's his ex fiancée from 10 years ago. He can't forget her, he tries his best not to talk about her, but ahe comes up in his conversations. He even called me by her name once. He have her picture in his phone. And a picture of them together in his facebook. When I asked him to delete them he kept trying to convince me that it's impossible to just erase someone that you used to love from your life. And that he really loves me and wouldn't cheat. She's happily married. They don't talk. She's the one who left him, he tried to hide the reason from me but I asked around and she left him because he tried to seduce her best friend. Now I'm with a man who deep down can't get over her and still love her. He treats me perfectly and tries his best to make me happy. I still feel like a loser for accepting to be with someone who is not fully in love with me just because I love him.

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  • look girl, him loving you and him being IN love with you are two different things. I'm just trying to help a sister out, if he's in love with someone else then you two should not be gettin married. it has nothing to do with weather he cheats or not. yes he may love you, yes you may love him, but are you both In love with each other? you need to ask yourself what's the point of getting married if he's going to keep on with this. Also you need to think about when your going to have kids. he certainly can't keep up with that stuff when you get kids. I'll bet you he'll even try and name one of them after her. if your not the love of his life then it should be clear he is not yours. You'll only hurt yourself in the End. Hun, ask your self if you're really in love with him and you don't just love the idea of love. Make sure if he's the one. they don't talk, so that means she erased him. that means she doesn't love him. But he is still obsessing over her. if he really cared for you he'd delete those pictures and never even think of her again. this is a situation where you ask him her or you. And you wouldn't even be in the wrong!! if he picks her then you'll know:(. if he picks you but still has those pics behind your back then you'll really know>:(. But if he picks you and only you and you guys get married.. then you'll know: )

  • ummm just cuz people break up doesn't mean they still love each other. she's never coming back so don't feel threatened. he's obviously with you for a reason. he sees things he likes in you just like he did with her. and of course he still has pics. when you love someone you don't just delete them. theyre great memories. but that's it. just memories. dont worry. he loves you. relax

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