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why are people in relationships so jealous? doesn't it take too much effort to be jealous? like if you wanna hang out with your friends who cares if they're the opposite sex. who cares if you have sex with them. if they come home to you at the end of the day, I don't get why its so frowned upon. I would rather my boyfriend be happy even if he wants another woman. it doesn't bother me. and same for him. we really don't cheat but we both totally could and it would be fine. I've been cheated on before and it felt so bad about it that now I don't even care cuz I know he loves me even if he does. people are so damn controlling and its just stupid. I feel like that's all relationships are any more is controlling to stay "loyal". like who gives a shit. just love each other instead

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  • well I'm definitely not jealous. I trust my bf and I don't care who he is with. but if I hear that he is having sex with someone else then I won't tolerate it. If we are in a relationship then we are only with each other. Doesn't mean you can't have friends tho. but that's just me. I won't be on your butt about it, but that's because I'm giving you my full trust. do what you want with it.

  • Respect. Not all people wants an open relationship. Not all people wants to share his wife with someone. Some people are not controlling, it is simply respecting the partner. Or being commited. If you want to have sex with anyone, do it with someone like you, and not with a wholesome relationship or person.

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