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I'm studying computers and I absolutely hate it with a passion but in my country changing from one public university to another isn't an option. in the other hand I really love fashion design and my really good at it im making clothes and cosplay costumes that they don't fail(cause if the fail I through them away and make new ones until I'm satisfied with them ) and I do this all the time so there are a few good private school for this that they are good and not so expensive(like 2000 euros per year) but I don't really know what to do...my parents are all over me saying that computer is the only acceptable job but I hate it and im kinda failing in my classes anyway (but its ok as long as I finish it someday) but go against my parents is really unacceptable by my community's standards especially cause im a girl its an honour and respect thing that I get but I dont know what to do cause if I do nothing now I may be miserable for the rest of my life doing things that I hate....any advice anyone?????

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  • you can learn both. actually to be a famous designer, most important is you can win many competition, though good school do has its advantages, but you got the talent and the Will, everything should be achievable. good luck dear.

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