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a lot of people said I shud be away from my friends cuz they're a bunch of losers cuz I'm the popular one cuz I'm in swimming and softball. I'm also a local singer in my state. I wear those cool outfits while my friends wear geeky stuff.... there's so many people that knows me either. but my friends are my friends and I don't give a heck if they wear geeky stuff and play video games all day cuz honestly... they understand me and they don't shit with drama. I laugh when I'm around them which is very rare when it comes to many people around who think they know me. I love their chill lifestyle. I just happened to be different from them because I love sports and I happened to sign since I was little. the outfits are just my style. but if it wasn't for those I would be like my friends and be like them. play video games and watch Netflix with them or sometimes go to the movies with them. or talk about books. or study all day long.

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