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sometimes i think that every school has school caste. the first team is those who is extrovert and really getting along with everybody. the second team is like the ordinary student, yeah, just ordinary. the third team is the one who is bullied and weeb. agree?

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  • nope. not my school. we don't have the populars and ect. I love screamo and I gave black hair and lots of piercings but I date the quarter back and my best friend is a cheerleader. president of the chess club is on the basketball team. president of the student council has a ginetic desises that makes him very very short. my home room is right next to a special education class. we don't separate them like there freaks. yea, there's bullying here or there but nobody ever just let's someone get bullied. if I see someone getting bullied I know at least 5 other people already walking over there to stop it. GO EASTERN QUAKERS!!

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