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I'm f16. I like one of my classmates. he isn't handsome, but definitely better than others. i tell him what I feel. he said he isn't love me YET. so i wait for him to love me back. but 1 year passed, i ask him again, then he tell me that he likes someone else. it irritates me. i mean, why the hell you let my hope fly when you are going to break it then? then he was officially rejected me. and then he is somewhat avoid me. I'm sad. i always thinking about it, and wondering, where do I do wrong? :(

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  • "There are plenty of fish in the sea, so there are many bad ones, so when you do catch a wrong one, you unhook it and let it go and keep going.. It's gonna take long, and sometimes you wonder if you are wasting your time, but damn it! You are gonna catch something eventually!"

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