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F27 first time having sex with my fiancé I was so tight that he couldn't get in. It took us trying for almost 10 days. When it finally happened, I bled a little, it's okay for a virgin, right? But then I kept bleeding a little for the next 3 days that I had to wear a tampon. I freaked out thinking something was wrong with me. When I stopped bleeding I felt better and we had sex again, but after we finished he looked at hid condom and it was covered in blood, and I bled all OVER the place, there was too much blood that I panicked. Again I had to use tampons for the next 3 days. I got better, and we tried again, blood again. Now I'm kinda traumatized, I want him but all the bleeding is just embarrassing, I'm lucky he's being super kind and patient.

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  • You may not be lubed up enough try some lube and make sure there is foreplay. You need to be completely turned on so your vagina dilates and you are properly lubricated. Because you were a virgin there is probably tearing, nervousness and not being properly turned on are usually the cause, and possibly if he's extremely large. Give your vagina time to heal try again, if this problem persists see your doctor or obgyn.

  • I never bled my first time, but I did bleed everytime I used a latex condom. I switched to non latex and now I don't bleed... you should definitely go to the doctor but hey maybe you should look into latex sensitivity (nit necessarily allergy) but yea. go to the doctor if it keeps happening.

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