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Six. That is how many times my heart had to be broken before my mind began to crack. Eleven. This is where my heart stopped healing itself, where the crack in my mind spread till it shattered my sanity. Fifteen. This is where I began to lose my soul. Sixteen. This is where I am now, This is where I lost track of who I am. The number doesn't matter, I could reach one hundred, one thousand or even ten thousand, What matters is the one, That one person who resets everything, who heals your heart, make your life peaceful and sane, all while gluing the pieces of your soul back together again. For me, all the suffering, the heartache, the sleepless nights along with the nights I cry myself to sleep, it will all be worth it, because I am looking for the one that will save me, I'm looking for her.

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  • And ia m looking for him ...if only...son many if onlies

  • She won't save you. Only you can save yourself.

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