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so I'm currently talking to someone ....she's been single for 6 months..she says she wants to a relationship with me ....but she hardly ever talks....she never asks Questions to get to know me....I'm always the one to ask Qs because I want to get to know her ...she says she's super shy and she's trying to be more social ...what do i do? give up?

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  • Relationships aren't meant to be one sided.. Fair enough she's shy, but if she's not trying to get to know you and what your interests after 6 months I feel like your just wasting your time

  • As a shy person who forces herself to be more social I'd say just be patient, it's exhausting to socialize sometimes. Once she becomes more comfortable with you she'll reveal and interact a lot more. When it come to us shy people time is the best thing that will work. If you try to force it too much or to fast she'll probably retract, be gentle and not too pushy, but have a little push or nothing will happen. Just keep talking to her and give her time.

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